We facilitate our customers stay alert regarding their cyber security through a suite of tailored consulting services that help integrate cyber security practices and processes into the complete product life-cycle. Working with customers each on and off-site, from concept part to production, our award winning research team helps determine existing and potential risks, threats and vulnerabilities in  network elements and different key elements, all the while preparing customers for rising laws.

Threat Analysis :

We provide clients with a better information of their cyber threat landscape so they can make more informed decisions.

Risk Assessments :

We Provide comprehensive risk assessments of organisational operational  architecture, providing customers with a prioritized list of risks complete with their potential impact and recommended strategies for prevention.

Vulnerability Assessment :

Our research team identifies potential vulnerabilities in vehicle architecture and provides actionable steps to reduce the risk.

Code Review :

We help customers save time by identifying security flaws in the code and provides recommended fixes.

Penetration Testing :

Our experienced hackers work in black, grey and white box modes to identify if and the way attackers can breach organizational infrastructure, manipulate them and steal data.

Incident Response :

Our experienced emergency response team (ERT) provides real time support for cyber security events that need immediate attention. ERT performs event analysis, recreates the attack scenario and begins the rectification processes. Strengthening the client’s ability to respond on technical and managerial levels, ERT will greatly minimize damage to reputation and potential business loss.

Cyber Threat Intelligence :

We help customers take a proactive security posture by actively searching for cyber intelligence associated with hacking. Working on the open web and areas of the web inaccessible to standard search engines, known as the deep and dark web, this service delivers intelligence that may otherwise go unnoted. Intelligence gathered is analyzed using advanced algorithms and machine learning to expose cyber threats or attacks on hold.